Dr. Gene Hayes

540863_10151911571660548_320001987_nGene A. Hayes is a full professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies and serves as the “point person” for the Recreation and Leisure Studies program. Dr. Hayes received an AA degree in California and his BS degree from Fresno State University in Recreation Administration. He worked for the Fresno Parks and Recreation Department and for the State Department of Mental Health as a Recreation Therapist for two state mental hospitals in California before receiving a scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina to study for his Master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation. While at Chapel Hill, he worked as a recreation therapist at the UNC University Hospital. He received a scholarship to attend Columbia University Teachers College in New York City to begin studying toward his doctoral degree in Therapeutic Recreation. While in New York City, he worked as a Recreation Therapist at the Fountain House Foundation in mid-town Manhattan. Later, he moved to Oarsons, Kansas and directed the recreation therapy part of a federal grant at the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center and also taught part-time at Kansas State College in Pittsburg, Kansas. Dr. Hayes moved to Denton, Texas and began his full time teaching career in Therapeutic Recreation at the Texas Woman’s University. While teaching there, he completed his Ph. D. at North Texas State University. He has also taught at Fresno State University, The University of Iowa, The University of Waterloo in Canada, Virginia Tech, and has been at the University of Tennessee since 1984. He has published over 50 articles, given more than 150 professional presentations at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels. He has also successfully written 3.0 million dollars in federal and state grants. His current interests and funded activities include: working with therapeutic recreation students in developing and conducting outdoor education/recreation programs for children with disabilities, placing students in public school special education classrooms to conduct therapeutic recreation programs.


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