Grant Staff

Grant Staff is composed of four graduate students from the University of Tennessee.

Lauren Lee

Camp Koinonia Director

Lauren is a recent graduate at the University of Tennessee where she earned two bachelor of arts degrees in Hispanic Studies and Studio Art. During her time there she learned about “camp class” and was eager to enroll.  She immediately fell in love with the program and all the people in it and decided to obtain her masters in Therapeutic Recreation under the guidance and direction of Dr. Hayes.  Lauren is fluent in Spanish and has studied for a summer in Alicante, Spain and a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  As an undergraduate she worked at TRECS as a group fitness instructor. Some of her favorite classes to teach are yoga, pilates, and spin.  Her pastimes include competing in triathlons, photography, and eating ice cream.  After graduation she hopes to combine her two passions of TR and art by doing art therapy.

Jac Conley

TRiPS Director


Jac (not Jack) graduated with an English Literature degree from the University of Tennessee. A native of west Tennessee from a little town outside of Memphis called the Alamo, where he owns a safari of exotic animals. Jac makes the long trek every year to Knoxville to gain his masters education in Therapeutic Recreation. Jac is a talented musician who plays the guitar and sings. One of the way he destresses is by going into his room, putting on his headphones, and listening to a music album on his walkman from start to finish.  Jac aspires to earn his doctorate degree in Psychology to work in mental health institutions. Jac is currently working on his thesis developing a theory on child’s play. He hopes to someday be the proud owner of a golden labrador, but unfortunately his current apartment does not allow pets.

Mindy Brown

Camp Koinonia Assistant Director


Mindy is a native of Lakeland, TN, but likes to tell people she is from Memphis.  She won homecoming queen and often times wears her crown into the office.  Often referred to as the “Camp Koinonia veteran,” Mindy sneaked into the class her freshman year and will be doing camp for her fifth time this year.  She graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2013 from the University of Tennessee in Therapeutic Recreation. Through the keen persuasion of Dr. Hayes he convinced her to stick around and write her Master’s thesis.  She is our most qualified Grant Staffer since she passed her CTRS exam this past October.  Mindy is also involved with Sport 4 Peace and contributes a TR adaptive sport perspective to the program. When not working, Mindy enjoys doing rebellious things like getting her nose pierced, making prank phone calls, and rolling yards.

Heather Shultz

TRiPS Assistant Director


Heather’s Bio