Therapeutic Recreation in Public Schools (TRiPS) is a college credit course offered at UT. This course is taught by Dr. Hayes along with two Grant Staff to a class size of about 30 students. For 10 weeks, the UT students go into the CDC classrooms of  Knox County Schools and facilitate lesson plans.

TRiPS (Therapeutic Recreation In Public Schools)
The TRiPS program is conducted by graduate students in therapeutic recreation and is part of a grant from the State Department of Education. The graduate and undergraduate students conduct therapeutic recreation programs in Special Education Classrooms in Knox and surrounding county schools. The students conduct initial assessments of the children, conduct programs, and write progress notes and case studies. The TRiPS program typically involves 6-8 grant staff, 10-15 additional UT students, and  approximately 90 children each week from the  various schools.

The following is a list of schools in Knoxville where the TRiPS program is currently taking place:

Holston Middle
Halls High
Seymour Primary
Seymour Middle
Seymour High
South Doyle High
West High
West Hills Elementary